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hotel, motel
talkin to a chicken head: let's get a tele.
by jammin July 29, 2003
Short for “television”
British, common usage.
“Anything good on tele tonight?”
by Peter Williams May 08, 2004
It's a term when a character from a MMORPG teleports from a place to another.
Short for teleport
"mag tele ka na lang para mabilis"
"ayoko mag tele mahal, wala na akong yuan"
by angelusclyne December 19, 2007
The best guy a girl could have. So loving and caring. The most beautiful eyes ever. Does things that are right even though it maybe painful for both people. He respects you for everything that you are. There is nothing he won't do. This person crys when he does something that he shouldn't, and rejoices when he knows something went right. He won't ever let you down. He makes you feel like you are the only girl in the world with just one touch, and he takes your breath away with just three words. He is everything to you.
Mandy: My boyfriend is the real "tele"
Jess: I wish I had a "tele"!
by TheRealMandy November 27, 2005
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