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(adj.) slang term deriving from "strapping" used to describe a person as being well dressing or good looking. Most commonly used to describe males.
- My, aren't you looking strappy today.
- There's a strappy young lad.
by kendega April 06, 2005
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1. a male who gets a girlfriend and falls off the face of the earth, only to resurface when he is calling someone else a bitch for not attending the one event per year that he has decided to go to. and really, the list goes on....
2. to co-exist consistently with a couch and television.
Is (he who shall remain nameless) coming out tonight?
Yeah, he said he was, but he is full strap-on mode. fucking strappy.
by SCU LAW--Class of 2005 July 29, 2004
1) Lezbo slang term for their strap-ons...
2) If they don't want the real dick, why take a fake one anyway? Dumb lezbos...
Janice and I took turns making sweet love to each other with our strappy...
by Stinko Man February 04, 2003

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