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(adj.) slang term deriving from "strapping" used to describe a person as being well dressing or good looking. Most commonly used to describe males.
- My, aren't you looking strappy today.
- There's a strappy young lad.
by kendega April 06, 2005
Derived from the collective names of the first to be diagnosed with this disease, cerealkilla, kendega, and georgerific.
One diagnosed with this illness may exhibit the following symptoms:

- excessive knowledge of pop culture
- adept at catching pop cultural references
- often speak in pop cultural references
- diarrehea

Since the disease draws on the subjects exposure to pop culture, the following types of people may be more susceptible:

- social rejects/deviates
- abuse victims
- fatties

If you know of anyone that may show any of the symptoms of ceredegarificosis, be sure to contact your local cable provider immediately.
Khoix: Darth Tater SO works..
ASUguy187: Yea :-)
ASUguy187: Darth Spud is a dud ;-)
Khoix: Well, the thing doesn't exactly scream "Lethal". It'd probably fuck up and fillet itself.
ASUguy187: i'd rather not take that chance
Khoix: And then you get corny lines for the movie like..
"How ya like them potatoes, Jedi??"
ASUguy187: +10 points for finding a way to reference good will hunting
by kendega January 20, 2005
(n.) Derived from the term wigga, a reverse-wigga is a black person that renounces their African American heritage, and lives pretentiously as a Caucasian. This type of African American was often referred to historically as a house nigger.
Racist Caucasian: ... ?
by kendega August 08, 2006
The area code for Boone, North Carolina, and surrounding cities. In general, because it is the home of Appalachian State University, which accounts for a much of the population, Boone is consider the focal point for activity in the entire area, and thus, the area code is used to represent the Blue Ridge Mountain area of North Carolina.
Representin' the 828!
by kendega June 02, 2006
(n.) this term derives from the acronym DSL (aka. dick-sucking lips). The term came about as a play on the acronym which is also an acronym used commonly to refer to an available internet service; high-speed internet. Thus, the progression was to coin the phrase "high-speed lips" when referring to DSLs (dick-sucking lips).
(As a side note, DSLs are commonly denoted by their abnornal thickness)
- Man, that girl has gone some seriously high-speed lips.
- Yeah, she's got the high-speed lips.
by kendega April 07, 2005
The act of playa hating. If you see a playa at work and you proceed to try and bust up his or her game, you are hot stepping.

This derives from the concept of trying to burn someone (hot), and stepping to someone in a confrontational manner. In other words, you're bring the heat to burn a playa for spitting game.
Playa: Yo, girl, dem jeans is like a crystal ball: I can see a future in them.
Hater: That was mad corny, yo.
Playa: Take that hot stepping some place else, dawg.
by kendega February 06, 2011
Acronym for "Don't start shit, won't be shit"
Adam: Robin's a punkass.
Robin: DSSWBS, biotch!
by kendega February 03, 2011

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