Another word for Sex, or bone. Normally said with a minnesoatan accent.
Hey I got stoned this weekend!!

Hey, I wanna stone ya!!
by Bernie April 05, 2005
a nugget of shit in your ass that must be removed witth the tounge
davis likes to remove joeys stones
by patrick wolfe October 30, 2007
when a group of unintelligent ghetto baggy dressed teens gather around you to make jokes, no worry usualy the jokes are corny but only they will laugh
uh oh oh , im bout to stone this nigga,, ook at them dred locks.. looks liek a old ass mop , or did your head just take a shit
by big emmanuel from NY March 14, 2004
The steering wheel of a car.
I fell asleep at the stone.
by Der Hinterweltiche June 26, 2003
a stillbirth.
a lifeless child, usually in full term, coming out stone dead.
my old lady just gave birth to a stone.
by raoulduke August 27, 2005
a rele ugly guy...but you should b freinds with him cuz hell give you free weed(nyce ian) a total dick..but still kool...sum rele kool girl likes him but can get sooo much betta..but o well..hes 2 stoned 2 realize
Im 2 high 2 realize anything
by a person November 02, 2004
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