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One position kill
Hack in fps games which lets a person kill everyone without moving, due to everyone vaccumed in front of him. Generally used by people who can't play.
Person 1: zomg opk
Person 2: kick him
Person 3 (hacker): WTF
by kaldoscope October 13, 2009
The act of attempting to freeze the passage of time through action of doing nothing. Works best with several people. However the passage of freeze will be broken once a person either says or thinks about the time.
Person 1: ...
Person 2: ...
Person 3: ...
Person 4: stoning is boring how long till we gotta get back to class
Person 1, 2 & 3: zomg dude you broke the continuation of non-continuity
*2 seconds later bell rings*
by kaldoscope November 12, 2009
short for mabinogi, one of the greatest MMOs, in the world, made by nexon. there are no hackers in the game, but a shit load of bots
Person 1: what nexon games do you play?
Person 2: maple, ca, but mainly mabi
Person 1: wtf is mabi?
Person 2: the greatest fking mmo is the whole world idiot
by kaldoscope October 15, 2009
A person who scores the goal after all the hard work has been done by others.

It is not necessarily a bad thing to be a cherry picker, as often, the person who does do the hard work is unable to finish the job himself.
Person 1: Sigh, stupid number 11 is such a cherry picker.
Person 2: Yes, but you can expect, number 23 to get the ball past 3 defenders and the goalie...
by kaldoscope July 24, 2010
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