Two oval shaped organs of the male genitalia. Also known as testes The responsibility of the stones is to produce baby batter and bang against a woman's ass while you are plowing her twat.
Did you see what happened to John? Yeah he got hit in the stones and he dropped like a sack of shit.
by burnz March 24, 2005
Stone (aka. - J.T. Stone)

An illusive man. Generally encountered at house parties and other functions involving young adults. Believed to be between the ages of 18 and 26. It has been seen that within a very short time span of his arrival everyone attending the event seems believe that they know him; most without ever even speaking to the man. Although, the personal opinion of this being varies greatly even among those who attended the same event. . .Almost as if they were all describing totally different people.

The only thing that appears to remain the same across all accounts is that the women tend to be enamored with him and the men appear somewhat intimidated.

--"Stone" is believed to be an alias--
{Girl}(with a sigh) - "Who is that?"

{Boyfriend} - "They call him Stone. . ., lets get out of here."

{Girl}(still staring) - "But why?"

{Boyfriend) - "Come on!"


{Guy 1} - "Look at that dude, you know him? Who's he think he is? Comin in here and actin all cocky like he has or knows somthin we don't. Talkin to all our women and drinkin our beer like they're his?"

{Guy 2} - "Man, that's Stone. Just leave him be, don't even go bother him."

{Guy 1} - "Why? What's his deal?"

{Guy 2} - "I don't even know. I just hear that he's not one to mess with. And I get the feeling that's some good advice."

by The Touched April 06, 2009
2 or more cans of Keystone (Light, Heavy, or Ice)
I drank a 30-Pack of Stones.
by Mr. Polish May 08, 2005
1.To throw stones at.
2.To kill by pelting with stones.
"I've got seven women on my mind,
Four that wanna own me,
Two that wanna stone me,
One says she's a friend of mine"(Take it easy - The Eagles)
by Crazy Country Cowgirl February 11, 2011
Short for the beer, Keystone.
Hey Steve, pass me a stone with the quickness.
by steve February 16, 2005
cojones, nuts, huevos, balls.
There is no way he's got the stones to light his own ass-hair on fire.
by Jac February 27, 2004
(adv) purely, absolutely, completely, totally, ne plus ultra, pure or maximum case or instance of something
Stone dead. Stone crazy. Stone flaming bow-legged bitch.
by anarcissie May 12, 2008

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