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A girl who is unreachable unless you knock someone out first. To give you a chance.
Germ: "that girl is a stone over there"
Stephen: "i know bro we would have knock him out to get to her"
Germ: " we might just have to do that"
Stephen: "Im in"
by wafflesFFL January 01, 2011
10 12
An ex Insane Gangsta Crip that was known for being hard to break down
He dropped to the ground, unlike Stone
by Jonathan the Man October 28, 2008
9 11
a can of keystone light
"I cracked open a good six stones before going to Michael's, then shoved another three in my purse"
by mkfanning November 19, 2007
10 12
abbreviation for a single container of
Keystone Light Beer, very popular amomg low-income, high-volume drinkers.
Hey mikey, get me a few 'stones from the fridge for me and Sarah here!
by don corleone September 15, 2004
1 3
He is a sexy beast! All the girls want him and all the guys want to be him! He has the best frickin' hair ever! He's always really nice and makes everyone feel special. When he walks in the room everybody is lookin' at him!
Person 1: "Ooh! Look at that hot guy over there!"
Person 2: "That's Stone."
by immasexybeast June 29, 2011
12 15
Keystone beer
I'm going to drink a stone
by Anonymous January 25, 2003
46 49
A short stout and generally angry fuckzoid who enjoys lurking around the shower while mommy or daddy is using it. Rapes as many people as possible when using public transport. Thinks his hair is the shit, but it looks like shit. Wants to fuck any and every girl, regardless of weight, looks, or gender. Has worn out the vibration on his phone for a very particular reason.......... ASS. A public disturbance abbreviation. Likes to bang chairs.
There was a nude man playing a pickelo in the street this morning! He was on CRACK DAWG?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Yup..... your overly-friendly neighborhood Stone!


If I were black, I would hand his ass to him!
by Sir Planks-a-lot August 23, 2011
9 13