Most exaggerated wrestling move ever. And to surpass the Worm, the People's Elbow and the Cena Fist Drop or whatever it's called in the exaggeration category, well, any wrestling follower knows what a low that means.
The move is performed by catching an opponent off-guard, usually with a kick to the gut, then proceeding to hold his head with both hands while turning your back on him, and slamming his jaw against your shoulder. But that's the basic variation. Plenty of wrestlers can do this fairly decent move which, if executed IRL it can deal some good damage.
The real reason this variation is the big travesty it is, involves the reaction the victims are suppossed to have after being stunned. Yes, because we're expected to believe that the sheer force of the stunner causes the victim to bounce off the ring canvas and reach a point of complete upside-down verticality, after which the body can finally land face down. Come on. Even for circus wrestling standards, that's beyond ridiculous.
Jim Ross: And that's Austin's Stone Cold Stunner!
Jerry Lawler: Funny, I didn't bounce off like that last time he stunned me.
by Srslee December 09, 2008
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wwe wrestler stone cold steve austin's finishing move. executed by placing opponenet's jaw on own shoulder, and dropping to the ground in a sitting position.
"Oh mah gawd, he hit the stone cold stunner!!! 1!! 2!! 3!! ding ding ding"
by Anonymous November 09, 2003
A wrestling maneuver whereas the performer of the move places his opponents jaw or throat on his shoulder and pulls downward, resulting in the performers buttox hitting the ground and the victims jaw or throat receiving a damaging impact. Also known as the "Ace Crusher", "The Last Dance" or a modified jawbreaker.
Steve Austin executed a stone cold stunner on the rock to secure a pin fall
by John Thunder November 09, 2003
A Devastating wrestling move originated by Johnny Ace's "Ace Crusher", Steve Austin Kickes the opponent in the gut as the victim sells the gut shot, austin places the opponents jaw on his shoulder in an overhead facelock position. Then Austin drops to the ground in a sitting position, impacting the victims jaw and larynx into his shoulder blade.
by Tyler 3:16 May 04, 2005
You kick someone in the gut, then you turn around, sit down, and slam someone's face onto your shoulder. Used by Stone Cold Steve Austin.
Stone Cold Steve Austin hits the Stone Cold Stunner!
by ChoujinkiMetalder March 31, 2005
A very popular wrestling move comprising of a kick to the stomach and a (get ready for this) sitout three quarter facelock neckbreaker, such a move belonged to "Stonecold Steve Austin", the move has also been known as the "whipper snapper", however, althogh it is very popular, this move is very ineffective and is more likely to cause more damage the person performing the move then the victim, but it still kicks ass.
JR: Oh my gaawwdd!!!!!!!
Lawler:He dropped the stonecold stunner!!!
JR: Oh my gawwdd!!!
by Haydar Kash May 04, 2007
When you rub ice on your penis, then fuck your girlfriend.
Jeff: Dude did you fuck Kayla?
John: Hell yeah, I gave that bitch a stone cold stunner.
by insane_yeti131313 November 10, 2006
A glamorous actress from the past who is almost certainly dead by now.
"I saw that Sally Mansfield on the Bilko show.What a stone cold stunner!"
by cornerhunter February 15, 2009
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