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A type of blowjob typically characterized be putting your cock a woman's mouth at an angle pushing out the cheeks.
She turned her head while giving him a blowjob and caused a jawbreaker.
by JEK71 January 05, 2007
Best Punk Band Ever to reach into the mainstream and should be listened to immediatley.
Cd's Include: Dear You, Bivouac, ETC..., and 24 hour revenge therapy,
worth checking out
Blake: Is Jawbreaker emo?

Adam: No but they sounds better than what you hear now a day's

Blake: yah, your right!
by Delbert "Wolf-Man" Dungca March 28, 2005
-A candy, often really hard.
-A movie.
-A band
Jawbreakers & morphine
by MhMhMhyyyt April 10, 2009

1. a hard, spherical, and sometimes oversized piece of

2. a word that is long or hard to pronouce
I dare you to swallow another another jawbreaker whole.
by Light Joker June 06, 2007
n. 1. a word that is difficult to pronouce. 2. the greatest rock and roll band to ever regret going corporate.
1. "Don't use your goddamn jawbreakers with me! How the hell am I supposed to know what hermeneuticology means if I can't even f*cking pronouce it!"
by F. Rodderick Hsu May 03, 2005
1. A bare-knuckle punch from Ricky Hatton that is so sore it will break your jaw.
2. A round peice of candy/chewing gum.
3. A cock that is so big that girls cant get their mouth round.
1. "Ricky layed a smacker on Floyd Mayweather. It was a real jawbreaker"
2. "I had a jawbreaker after my supper.
3. "My cock is huge, a real jawbreaker"
by Liam Thom March 04, 2009
Someone with a thick penis
Jacks cock is so thick his friends call him the jaw breaker
by jaw breaker April 05, 2008
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