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Your typical teenage high school kid that gets stoned and slacks off all day.
Security guard 1: We got a stonager going into spencers.

Security guard 2: Shouldnt he be in school right now?

Security Guard 1: The little punk is skipping again... last week I caught him trying to steal a bob marley cd at Best Buy. I also found a dime bag of marijuana on him!

Security guard 2: Gasp! Call for back up!!!
Lets trespass this punk!
by YumYum69 October 29, 2008
A stoneager(sounds like teenager)is a person with basic or limited computer skills. Usually an older person (50+)who did not have computers to deal with as a kid. The stoneager has an outdated computer, system, software, etc.
Also stoneager (sounds like teenager)
My mom wants me to come over for dinner, and while I'm there I have to install some software for her. She is a great cook, but a total stonager.
by Jim Inman August 19, 2006

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