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The act of having sexual intercourse with someone while they are sleeping or passed out. Despite hearing many reports of successful fornication the prey will usually wake up and have the predator thrown in jail.
Flip- "Dude! Alexa's passed out in my room right now, Im about to pull the Sleeper Creeper on her. You wanna come over and take turns?"

Skip- "Naw, Ill pass this time. Besides I smashed that months ago."

#rape #sex #fornication #jail #creep
by YumYum69 October 25, 2008
A group of guys with gynormous wieners. Wherever they go the ladies drool over them. They become notorious for ripping through groups of girls and boning every one of them. They are similar to the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, except these guys dont have small tits, they have huge cocks. They are revered by many.
"Hey Mindy, look! Here comes the Big Doodle Caboodle!

"Mmmmmm, I love them all sooo much and they're cocks are sooo huge!" I just wanna fuck one of them...... again.

"Excuse me... Again!?!? I'm the one who fucked all of them."

"So did I"

"Me too"

"Me three"

"Me four"

"No I fucked them!"

"No I did"

"lying bitch!"

"I fucked them first!"
"fuck you!!!"
*fight breaks out*
#big #cock #doodle #dick #dong #your mom #penis #weiner #man whore
by YumYum69 May 24, 2009
Your typical teenage high school kid that gets stoned and slacks off all day.
Security guard 1: We got a stonager going into spencers.

Security guard 2: Shouldnt he be in school right now?

Security Guard 1: The little punk is skipping again... last week I caught him trying to steal a bob marley cd at Best Buy. I also found a dime bag of marijuana on him!

Security guard 2: Gasp! Call for back up!!!
Lets trespass this punk!
#teenager #teen #punk #stoner #pothead #idiot
by YumYum69 October 29, 2008
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