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The same thing as sober except for marijuana. Meaning that you arent under the influence of the drug.
Stoned + Sober = Stober.
We have to get soooo stoned these holidays, ive been stober all term.
by George September 04, 2005
Not so high (off marijuana) that you're completely stoned, but not quite sober, either.
Person 1: "Dude, you CANNOT come in my house. My parents will totally see that you're stoned."

Person 2: "Nah, it's cool man. They won't notice a thing, I'm stober."
by evadawninit June 29, 2016
When you are such a stoner that even when you are completely sober, you still look stoned.
Did you hear Lucas gave up drugs for a month for his parole hearing?

Really? I just saw him and he looked stoned out of his mind.

Yeah he is just always looks stober.
by Hillary_Love April 10, 2011
when you are definitely intoxicated but think you are sober.
I'm not tryin to stay stober here
by hoeseck December 07, 2009
To act sober, in order to avoid trouble when you're actually either high, or drunk.
Dustin:"When you get home won't your mom know you're high?"
Bri:"Of course not, I'll be stober."
by BriBear™ January 31, 2009
to distinguish abstaining from being stoned vs. drunk.
I having lit up in months -- completely stober
by RSK in CA August 01, 2008
To stumble home (or elsewhere) while trying to sober up at the same time. Could also be "stober up".
I have vague memories of buying this water bottle at the grocery store while stobering home last Friday.

by linguishionista July 14, 2008
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