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Jack in the Box
Im going to Jack in the crack for a burger, want one?
by P-Feezy October 03, 2003
An alternate name for Jack in the Box which refers to the addictive nature of it's food, widely thought to have addictive substances infused in their burgers/tacos. Open 24 Hours. Widely blamed as the source of over 50% of DUI's ever gotten.
Drunk guy 1: Dude i'm so fucking starving right now.

Drunk guy 2: I am going to fucking murder someone if i dont get some Jack in the Crack right this very minute.
by AJ_Arch July 10, 2008
The explosive diarrhea that ensues the morning after a late-night Jack in the Box run, due to the copious amounts of cat food and grease in their tacos and burgers
Brah, I was so faded last night and got 99 tacos for two cents at Jack in the Box, now I've got jack in the crack
by flossangeles December 18, 2009
Another name for jack in the box
O-dog: "aw y'all niggas goin to jack-in-the-crack?"
Harold: "hell yea.. hell yea."
by FlyAway July 20, 2011
jack in the box's real name
hey mate I am going for a walkabout to jack in the crack want to come I am gonna get a burger and thorw up
by williamtell April 12, 2006
Similar to Jack in the boxm except instead of a guy ejaculating in her pussy its up her ass
Did you see Anal Bitches #34?
Nothing nut Jack in the crack
by lordonightmares December 11, 2006
a totally douchey way of saying jack in the box, sometimes that "x" sound in "box" is too hard for people to pronounce, so they just go with the least funny alternative.
Jack: Hey Jill, Let's go to Jack in the Crack
Jill: What, are you retarded? It's Jack in the Box, that's the name of the eating establishment, and if you respect them or enjoy their food in the least bit you could refer to them by their actual name, or at least a more respectable, less douchey alternative. Dumbass.
Jack: I am sorry. I will never say Jack in the Crack again.
by poopzone November 27, 2007
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