A name given to a 1.44MB data disc to differentiate it from a 360MB "Floppy" data disc.

Not used outside South Africa to my knowledge.
To a secretary: Can you give me a stiffy?
by Derek Blount April 15, 2008
An erect, pulsating penis or clitoris, due to sexual arousal.
Billy and Janet had stiffies after Billy donkey punched Janet's mom.
by g0t4 April 27, 2011
uncontrollable erection whilst on a bus
I couldn't disembark at the Heathway because of my ginormous stiffy
by theWestHamfan October 19, 2003
stiffy is an erection pill for erectile dysfunction, from stiffy.com also a slang word for erection or boner or hard-on
I got a hard erection after taking a stiffy pill
by drduro June 07, 2012
What happens when you take a girl out to dinner and she orders $40 worth of food and only has a 20 dollar bill. She claims she needs the 20 to get onto the turnpike.
Don't take that girl Crystal out, she will pull a stiffy.
by hotchick880 November 30, 2010
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