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A male sexual stimula formula
I have a Stiffy whenever I see that girl.
by Sir Stiffy April 21, 2010
a long erected penis,boner
hello boner
by john July 24, 2003
A boner.
man i was talking to my mom earlier and all of a sudden i got this giant stiffy.
by a jiz monster April 17, 2009
A name given to a 1.44MB data disc to differentiate it from a 360MB "Floppy" data disc.

Not used outside South Africa to my knowledge.
To a secretary: Can you give me a stiffy?
by Derek Blount April 15, 2008
A stiffy is a snowboarding trick
or a word for children for an erecton.
"i did a 180 stiffy yesterday"
"have you ever had a stiffy?"
by Triggy January 23, 2005
something Lee gets when he sees glen
lee cracks a fat when he sees glen
by bobby March 15, 2005
what i get when i see sam nowell
by boner duede September 07, 2003