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1)To get dissed
2)To get rejected
3)To cheat sum1
1)person 1-yo u tryna chill?
person 2-no
person 3-damn i just got stiffed

2)person 1-yo what happened with you and that gurl u were tryna holla at?
person 2-man the bitch stiffed me

3)person 1-did u pay the taxi?
person 2-nah i stiffed on the bill
by ;xfgnjk;nh;k August 14, 2005
1.a rly good bball player
2.a gun
1. kobe just put up 40 the other night.
2.u dont wanna mess with me man i got yung kobe homie
by ;xfgnjk;nh;k July 21, 2005
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