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wen sumthing stops operating properly
freakin controller crapped out. -crap out
by widgeon January 03, 2006
anything that is boner-inducing
matt's hott sister is pantstastic
by widgeon December 22, 2005
this is known to many as having sucessfully stuck some1 while playing halo/halo 2 with a plasma grenade
i totally gave that n00b a large beautiful blue explosion of doom that wont be too soon to forgot...
by widgeon December 22, 2005
its like the vatican, but for mormons- its located in salt lake city, utah....most ppl refer to it as 'the temple square'
apparenly its shunned upon to wear shorts at the mormatican
by widgeon December 23, 2005
ok stickies r wut the plasma grenades r called if u have played xbox(live) for more than an hr....everyone calls them this, simply because in a battle saying plas-ma gren-ade....takes way too long, too many syllables...its much easier doing the stick-ies....way better.....they r by far the most entertaining, and effcient(besides sniping) way to kill opponents(or teammates)
other associated words plasma grenade large beautiful blue explosion of doom
blue1:i just stuck a red guy!
red1:{runs around like a chicken with its head cut off} I JUST GOT STUCK!!{large beautiful blue explosion of doom}
blue1:i do love stickies
by widgeon December 22, 2005

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