a female that got a lotta bad karma and likes to rub it off onto people
"that bitch is sticky"
by Jasmine September 13, 2004
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Marijuana who's buds are lightly coated in a sticky natural resin.
I'm so juiced, playa! I got da hookup on some super-sticky and I'ma get faded!
by buddhablaze January 28, 2003
Those topics which are always displayed at the top of the topic list in internetforums. Usually, a sticky topic is a topic that will interest a lot of users, so it is displayed first.
per ipod garage forums
1. Sticky: Definitive: how to move music from iPod onto hard drive

or an urban dictionary help forum

1. Sticky: How to redefine an already found word
#announce #hot topic #common #popular #pagemaster
by bbrain October 05, 2005
Plasma Grenade in the popular video game Halo.
OMFG!!!! That guy just got pwned by that sticky that landed on his face.
#plasma #grenade #gernade #spike #nade
by KoolKarlen July 20, 2009
Slang for plasma grenades in the Halo video games, particularly Halo 2 on xbox live. This term was adopted by the live community because the grenades stick to enemies.
Blue Spartan 1: "Ha I stuck him from across the map"
Blue Spartan 2: "Nice, love stickies"
Red Spartan 1: *explodes
#plasma grenades #halo #halo 2 #grenade #sticky #stickies
by Shatterpulse June 19, 2007
like a stick
it was brown and stick-y, that stick was.
#stick-like #stick-ish #poke-y #not to be confused with sticky #bark-y #not to be confused with barky #as in a dog's
by serial cereal July 28, 2008
An individual who is beyond greasy and even worse than a fuckboy. They often visit country bars to get wasted and hit on recently divorced middle aged women.
That dude is so sticky, I can see the greasy fluid coming out of his pores. Look at him grind on that ugly cow! I hope she doesn't get stuck to him.
by cheesed with a tad of salt April 06, 2016
Grenades (A.K.A. Disgusting girls) that cling to you or other grenades.
John: Look at that group of Stickies walking down the pier!

Alex: Aww shit bro! Hopefully they don't approach us or I'm out of here.
#grenades #fat girls #nasty girls #clingy #pack
by MAnotNJ August 20, 2011
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