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Sorry but the l's here suck, and the head move to the right, so it doesn't look like a stick figure.
Stick figure's are fun to draw.
by Supersmasher10015 December 20, 2006
The simplest drawing of a human being; one where the torso, arms and legs are just lines (hence "stick figure") while the head is a circle with a simplified face on it.

By extension, an actual human being who is extremely thin, if not anorexic, owing to their slender arms and legs and slight torsos. Plenty of supermodels are called stick figures because of their often bone-thin frames, whether or not they are naturally that thin.
With these two definitions in mind, how could I draw a stick figure of a stick figure?

And why are rich countries trying to emulate poor countries where there's plenty of starvation and fat is the ideal? Why are these wealthy men and women trying to look like stick figures?
by Lorelili November 04, 2009
One of the easiest way to draw a human (or someone else). The most simple stick figure contains 1 or 2 lines for each leg and arm, 1 line for the body and a circle for the head. Alot flash animators will experiment with stick figures. Many of their work with them can be viewed at Newgrounds.
XiaoXiao is one of the best examples of stick figure animations.
by Artman40 October 29, 2004
stick figure:
1)the greatest creation of humankind!
2)the most simple yet extravagant form of entertainment used in many youtube/stickpage/newgrounds movies
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2)ever seen "Stick Figures on Crack 1/2/3"
-----/ \
by Deathzilla7 March 19, 2008
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