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not quite stew but not quite soup either.
A watery stew
When we were camping the beef stew was more like a stewp than a stew.
by Sephro May 31, 2005
A word that defines the sound a Jamaican makes with his mouth when he's trying to swear at you... It sounds like a hissing sound.. In order to achieve this sound you put your upper and lower lips together, squeeze tight and suck air in... That creates a sound that in turn Jamaican and other african americans consider a swear word
"Hey Kelly, Dre really pissed me off... Stewps"
"Hey Kelly can I burrow $100 dollars..."

Kelly replies "stewps"
by pokerdre July 26, 2013
A "Stew"ped word made up by Rachel Ray to describe a cross between soup and stew.
Stewp is best served warm in one of your favorite stewp bowls!
by vorletzte September 22, 2007
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