the invisible ninja-zebra that eats sugar and jumps on the couch
Steve is a zebra. he's invisible.
by J-J-J-JILES November 12, 2010
Steve is a warmed hearted type of guy, who will only care for you and love you for who you are. But with that, he expects it back. Steve is different and funny. A tiny bit of a nerd but everybody loves him. Steve is very sexual, but can pull it off because he is gorgeous. Steve is fun and interesting too. No one is like him.
Girl: Steve I'm so upset.
Steve: Oh, whats the matter? Talk to me
by anonnnanonnnnanonnn November 02, 2010
the love of your life. your forever soulmate. someone that you just can't get out of your mind or heart no matter how hard you try to justify the wrongness of it. the one person that you can never have.
It's a losing battle because he is my Steve....
by tryinreallyreallyhard:( October 28, 2010
hes the kind of guy you will wait for all your life. he can make you smile and laugh when your at your lowest. he is caring and sweet and shy and smart and can be anything he wants to be. he pushes you to pursue your own dreams and at the same time he is pursuing him. hes the type of person that in the middle of the night, not being able to sleep sends you a heart message telling you he loves you and you took his breath away.
he is also someone who waits till they are irrevocably in love with you to tell you
your so lucky he is such a STEVE
by sg2ck24sg09cr August 25, 2010
The perfect man. He is the kind of guy that will steal your heart away with his sweet charm. He makes you feel like the sexiest woman in the world. He is compassionate and is so in touch with his sexuality that he sets you on fire. He's changed my outlook on the excitement and success in having someone right by your side who you would do anything for and love every minute of it. He's the most sexy, loving, funny, strong man I know and I wish he were mine.
Damnnn, she's one lucky lady to be with that Steve.

He's the cat's meow! ;)
by MCBMKB December 05, 2010
From the Greek name Stephen. "Crown"
He is a sociable person; he has a pleasing personality; has a strong love for nature; a man who is a conscientious person; uses great care; he always has a smile on his face; he is a scholarly person; looks straight at the mark.
Steve Gavin was a loving father and husband.
by Jonny B 2.0 June 20, 2010
A guy with an incredibly big heart. A Steve is attentive, genuine and appreciates the little things. He will make you laugh with his quick wit. His sexy words will take your breath away. His endearing qualities will capture your heart. It is impossible to explain what a truly amazing person he is. Love ya, baby.
Steve rocks my world. ;)
by youjustneverknowdoya December 20, 2010
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