A person who, no matter what amazing thing is happening around them in the real world, would rather stare mindlessly into the dull glow of an iPhone.

Derived from the name of the man who was responsible for the technology behind this terrible and worrisome phenomenon, the late Steve Jobs.
While riding along in the car on a cross-country trip, Ryan looked over at his brother Andrew who was playing Candy Crush on his phone. Ryan motioned to Drew and exclaimed "oh my god, look at that river right now; it's so gorgeous!" Drew, being the Steve that he is, paid no mind to the river and continued playing Candy Crush.

Ryan was displeased.
by Wyatt of Idaho January 02, 2014
Steve is a man who will indeed break your heart. Take it from me, I've dated three of them. They seem fantastic until you let them into your heart...then it's all downhill from there.
Every song about heartbreak is about a guy named Steve.
by NolongerloveSteve May 29, 2011
Some fat bloke usually with a stupid moustache and prone to having a mid life crisis at 40. He's okay though. Steve is okay.
Steve, okay,
by Hahasunji November 15, 2014
A Steve is someone who looks like everyone else, with no individuality. Based on the default avatar in Minecraft.
I'm so tired of leggings, boots and long straight hair. Girls today are such Steves.
by KilltheBunny July 20, 2014
To be in the way of others and bothering them, even if you know more about the things they are trying to do. Also a reference to aqua teen hunger forces Steve.
hey guys you should do that this way.........
get the fuck out the way STEVE!
by deathspard3 June 27, 2011
The man you wished you'd never had kids with. The most sullen, morose, grim, glum ex to walk the earth.

This man can even turn a happy lady into a miserable mess. Avoid all face to face contact and communicate only by text message if possible .

Steve has not even a glimmer of friendliness or a scrap of nice ness.
Friend - you look mad.

Ex - Steve.

Friend - aah of course i should have guessed.....i met a Steve last weekend but obviously am never seeing him again.
by bentleybird July 18, 2014
After the death of Steve Jobs the Adjective "Steve" has been added to the urban dictionary.

Since most people own an Apple product you can compare the amount of "Steve" you've got by how many Apple products you've got.

Steve is to be compared to the known expressions as "Swag, Steeze"
"Awh, bro! You got so much Steve I can't believe you're such rich ass motherfucker!"

"Ey yo, bitch! Check my Steve!"

"Sup' Bro just got my new HTC phone check it out!"
- "Shit holmes, that shit dosen't flow with Steve"
by Oble-MXII October 06, 2011

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