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An underground critically-acclaimed cult comedy troupe consisting of Michael Ian Black, David Wain, and Michael Showalter. They now have a show on Comedy Central which isn't as good as their original Stella shorts, but is still really hilarious. "Who's Marcus? Who the FUCK is Marcus?"
Stella shorts are awesome, and you can new jack swing from my nuts.
by New Jack Swing October 08, 2005
318 242
a dreamgirl; a fairy; Queen of stars
a guy, as soon as he realizes her dream mate in front of him: "She is the Stella of my dreams!"
by nash christopher March 15, 2011
663 68
That really beautiful girl in my class. She is nice, funny, smart, athletic, popular, and has an air of awesomeness around her. She is really modest and knows how to treat other friends well, thought she sometimes goes over the line with friends who are boys. She is really cool and is easy to befriend. She also likes to use Facebook a lot.
Wow, Stella, you just made my day when you gave me a Hi-5.
by MyMom1997 June 20, 2011
594 141
1.) A classy, flirty young woman

2.)Playful, a tease
No wonder all the guys are after her, shes a total stella
by K Babii May 28, 2006
728 431
pretty, hot, sexy, fun, crazy, loves fucking partying, a great friend, fun to be around, popular girl who everyone knows, and has a fine ass
no way she's exactly like stella
by asdfghjklS June 29, 2009
482 262
A girl with a big ass, great in bed, the kinda girl you wanna marry. The kind of girl who is always there for you. You will never be good enough for this kind of girl. You sit and pray that this kind of girl gives you the time of day. Usually of Hispanic origin.
Damn...that girl Stella, she's the kind you marry bro.
by Bryan222 June 17, 2008
393 237
Someone you can lean on meaning a great friend, everyone knows her even though she might not know them, a hour glass figure with a nice ass; sexy, outgoing and loves to meet new people, fun to hang out with but hangs out with guys a lot more than girls, a pretty girl, and guys go after her because she's a big flirt.
She is so Stella
by zxcvbnm,. July 14, 2009
367 211
A beautiful, intelligent, although slightly miniature girl. Stellas have a great sense of humour and fantastic acting skills.
Wow, that beautiful, famous (and very funny) actress gave a stella performance in that blockbuster movie.
by Design Junkie February 05, 2010
224 121