When I refer to steez, it's for reference to something illegal, possibly problematic, or unhealthy. basically drugs and alcohol.
1. Yo dun, lets kick it with a few blunts, I got the finest steez.

2. Dude, this party is bangin, they got mad chicken heads and enough steez to drown all of baltimore.

3. Hey man, watch where you carry the steez, I ain't goin to the pen tonight.
by AZ tha Don July 29, 2007
You know my steez, i slay my prey day by day
by Ryan November 25, 2002
style with ease

being able to do something with style easily
Ilkka has steez.

Ilkka steezed that out!

That was steez Ilkka!

by LUMO December 21, 2006
Skills so good, that things can be done with "stupid ease". Related words: steezy, steezed out.
Yo, did you see him do that? Damn, he has so much steez. Dude does it so good and makes it look easy.
by webster April 17, 2005
steez is yo style if u dont got ur style on u dont got ur steez on
u got tha steez 2 nite
by hads September 04, 2003
your own individual expression or how you carry your self playa
drop some steez on that playboy
by steez expertise April 16, 2003
Snowboarding style that pleases a crowd.
Dude that was some mad steez you had on the rainbow rail.
by Andrew March 08, 2005

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