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The not so secret art of squeezing a girl's tits. But its more of a rubbing action rather than squeezing. Created for girls with smaller boobs.
dude 1: why do you want to squeeze her boobs their so small.

Dude 2: Shut up dude, it doesn't matter I'll just reeze them instead.

eg 2. dudettee: I want you to reeze my boobs sooooo much
by meatzaper May 04, 2009
the act of oral, anal or vaginal penetration.
Did you reeze that ass?

Stevie shfantz reezes clint on the regular

Steve reezes guys!
by valhall March 05, 2007
Defined by someone in northern iowa in the mid 90's. Can be said stand-alone, just "reeze" will project your content at the subject at hand.
The song is reeze
by Matt K. July 09, 2004