someones certain style!
only you can have it !
"Crunch a nigga like a nestle,
You know my STEEZ! (Method Man FUCKIN IDIOT!!)
by on3manarmy12 April 10, 2008
the details of a situation or plan
"You know the steez."
"Here's the steez..."
"Call me when you have the steez."
by thundermonkey February 22, 2008
1) When a male jerks off an blood comes out.

2) An acronym for the nonsensical phrase "Style with Ease".
"Damn dude, I jerked it so hard that I steezed all over the place."
by doozerpie November 26, 2013
The characteristic that all players on the Cardinal Gibbons golf team have; The characteristic that players not on the Cardinal Gibbons golf team are afraid of.
-"Did you see that Gibbons team?"
- "Yeah man, that's making me nervous."
-"If only our team had that steez."
by bawsboi27 October 05, 2012
Ass crack. Usually hairy and containing lots of dingle berries. Could also be used as a term of annoyence.
That plumber had some nasty steez.

I was at the beach and got sand all up in my steez.

Man, why you all up in my steez?

by Abe713 January 28, 2008
noun-Something that is awesome or amazing
Adjective-something that is steez
You:Did you see Iron Man
Friend:Yeah. It was awesome. The end was so steez.
by Josh Billian May 27, 2008
the amount of money u win such as from a poker game. Or getting bast and playing steez which means ur intoxicated on some sort of drug and must play steez immediatly.
Be the steez!
"yo you wanna play some basketball?"
"Nah i gotta get bast and play steez... build up my steez dollars
Its very important that you realize that u cannot be steezed out of ur mind while playing basketball, or any other types of physical activities
by el steez March 08, 2008
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