The way I do things/the way I present myself with skill
You know I don't get down like that....You know my Steez.
by JP October 28, 2003
Credentials, Connections, Alliances, Virtues, Skills...
Joe asks Eric how he goes about pulling women. Eric replies by saying, "you know my steez".
by R U WET YET? May 30, 2005
It's pure style. Usualy associated with Snowboarding etc.
+ Got steez, Brah?
+ Do you have any style, Brother?
by Benjee December 03, 2004
any substance that can be snorted
gimme a line of steez
by jskate January 14, 2007
One who acts like a creep or sketch.
You're such a steez.
by S. Lev April 17, 2007
Meaning relaxed/cool.

Derived from US military slang originally "stand easy", meaning to relax after standing to attention.
Yo, dude with the steez.
by snowman June 23, 2004
means cool, or aewsome
i landed a steez trick
by matt February 27, 2005

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