A common pronunciation of the word "Steak" used mainly in New Zealand and in parts of Australia.
"I don't know whether I should have the chicken or the steek tonight"
by Walter B. Joggins July 17, 2013
The best word ever created. It can mean anything you want it too. Its a verb,adjective, and a noun.
"hey man what are you doing tonite?"

"I'm gonna go get my steek on."
by w00t_its_a_poot. July 18, 2009
A fat chick that wears short shorts so her fat hangs out.
Holy crap that girl is such a steek, look at that, awwwwww!
by Jake Harris January 11, 2007
A strike in baseball. Pron; Steeeeeeeeeeek
The pitcher winds up and throws the pitch. "STEEK" (Strike one)
by poosnani March 06, 2009
Stereotypical Geek, someone that looks like a geek the first time that you see them.
Man, if I didn't know any better I'd say you were a steek.
by Big Mama Casa August 03, 2007
A overweight girl that wears short shorts so that her fat hangs out for all to see.
Frank, at gym today did you see Casey, ewwww she was such a steek.
by Jake Harris January 14, 2007
Steek is a game played in the south east of england. It's a new tradition , mainly used between boys.
- If you say what no followed by a word in the english dictonairy you will get punched in the arm.
- If you notice someone said What but you dident steek them . you call a Invailid steek when this happens , it means you can punch them only on the arm.
It's kinda hard to grasp at first but once you do.
You; Hey OFGZZ guess what....!

You; STEEK ! - punch in the arm -
Victim; WTFF !

You; get raped ;D kthxbi.

Gay person trying to steek; OMFXG guess wha?
You; What monkey !

Gay person trying to steek; OMFXG you fails.
by ipwnxn00bz August 29, 2009
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