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I male whom wears sports gear without intending to do sport, often 3 stripped trackysuit trousers and a football shirt, with gold chain and maybe even a cap with peek pointing upwards.
eiii, mate your fookin ma talks ballix
by ok March 07, 2005
Steeks also tend to drive souped-up yet still-crap cars, often Vauxhall Nova SRs. These may properly be termed "steek-mobiles".
Look at those Steeks in Sutton driving their Steek-mobiles!
by Ian Chode April 03, 2003
Henry LLoyd and Timberland boot wearing thorn in the side of society. Popular names include Johnto and Charlene in the case of a female.
Some steek just stole my mobile.
by Cat_rox February 15, 2004
Adjective referring to something that is out-of-style in a strange way... generally used in a lighthearted, easygoing manner.

Synonyms: cheesy, silly, dorky, uncool. From best I can tell, originates from the Northeast United States.
That neon green, oversized tie is very steek... it makes him look like a 1980s middle-schooler.
by Peter J. S. March 09, 2006