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Parasitic sub-culture of Northern Ireland.
Characterized by -
Their pitifully ugly faces.
Peirced Ear.
Baseball cap worn at such an angle it provides no shade for eyes whatsoever, The target angle is about 45 degrees but such an angle is virtually imposible due to the laws of physics.
Incomprehensibe speech incorporating huge amounts of slang.
Poor haircuts, with bleached ends, greased fringe.
Ugly cheap gold jewellery

They have a tendancy to loiter in alleys, train stations, street corners outside off licences, maces spars etc,while drinking and throwin abuse at passers by.

They pride themselves on -
Ganging up in groups of between 5 and 15 and attacking isolated people
Drinking huge amounts of cheap cider
Smoking Ciggaretes (affectionatly known by steeks as "fegs")
Smoking large amounts of extrememly poor quility cannabis resin (soapbar)
writing their mentions everywhere which usually conform to the following basic design


Impregnating 14year old millys
Abusing teachers and fellow students in a school environment
Their connections with paramilitaries

It is a good idea to avoid groups of steeks,especially if you are alone or in a goup less than half the size of the group of steeks (they see a fair fight as 5 on 1)

their taste in music issimple to say the least any rapper rapping about bitches or guns will tickle their fancy as will repetiive dance music.

If you find youself in a situation where a steek is trying to start a fight with you, dont stand down, they will attack regardless. Your best bet is to make sure throw the first punch, however, if you are outnumbered, run...like hell.
Never give in to their unreasonable demands. It gives them the impression that you are weak.

Do your best to stop your child from becomein a steek.

See also:spide, milly
Bob: Look, a bunch of steeks
Steeks: aye baleex ya foakin hoppy.
by Rjhgy April 16, 2006

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