A homeless man or woman who has urinated themselves in cold weather thereby creating a steamed effect from their pants.
Hey Steve, look at that bum over there he's a steamer!!
#bum #pisser #lemon squasher #giggawatt #ryan seacrest
by V ic Ryzdon July 17, 2006
To place a lit cigarette up someone's ass or vagina.
I paid that hooker 20 dollars to give me a steamer.
by sheign June 06, 2005
A fart that is extremely nasty smelling but the smell slowly comes around and won't go away. Also known as steam roller and steam roller over the mountains.
*Fart* AH you guys smell that steam roller!
by Shimmler February 11, 2003
You take a poop when someone is taking a shower so they smell it
Im going to take a steamer
by seahawksfan24120 January 06, 2016
Chicago slang for a stolen vehicle.
"We hop in steamers and we rollin' , hop in beamers and we Rollin..." -Lil Herb
by King Amari October 25, 2015
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