a large soft creamy like poo left on the seat of a toilet in a NOCO express.
My friends and i were angry with a store worker at NOCO so we left a steamer on the toilet seat.
by anusol August 21, 2005
a stolen car.
Dont ride wit dat boi cuz, he in a steamer
by hood February 28, 2004
Noun used to indicate something that is a worthless piece of crap.
"That old PC you got is a steamer."
by rungreenco July 21, 2005
while taking a foul,high temp,defecation a girl partakes in an act known as the blow job.
"Not many bitches could take the steamer as well as she did."
by Jimmy Jammer April 28, 2003
When you com on her face and shit on her belly at the same time
He laid a cable when he jiz'd on her face
by Hibbling September 01, 2006
A homeless man or woman who has urinated themselves in cold weather, thereby creating a steam effect from thier pants.
"Man it's cold. Hey Steve, look at that bum over there. He's a Steamer!!!
by Vic the Dick July 25, 2006
A steamer is a term for a blatant homosexual male. Same as a queer, fag, poof, but just a better word.
"see that guy bruce over there, fuckin steamer"
by Smudgee January 27, 2005
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