1. A Drunken Mess
2. One who drinks frequently and in large quantity.
3. One who drinks too much and is an embarrassment.

1. My daughter and her steamer mates
2. I am a steamer
3. My younger and very underage steamer daughter
by Teddy Hancock July 10, 2008
The people trying to catch terrorists i.e. the bad Bin Ladens and Al-Qaeda.
1)We ain't nuthin' but a bunch-a steamers.

2)Fuck goin' to war, let the steamers do it.

by Shane Sanders June 20, 2007
When you shit outdoors and it's freezing outside. Sometimes also used to refer to peeing when it's below zero.
My dog left a steamer on the sidewalk.
I let loose a steamer outside my deer hunting blind.
I just took a steamer in the snowbank.
by Frank from Flint June 01, 2007
Contrary to my Limerick country man above the origin of the word steamer while having it’s affiliation in Munster, had its first home in Cork, The definition while some what crude is accurate.
Here sham check out the 2 steamers wedging there way down Panaa.
by Derek Leahy November 26, 2004
Steamers are a blend of steamed milk and great tasting flavors that create a rich and creamy drink.

Why not try one tonight?
"I'm going to the dining hall to get a rich frothy steamer all up in my mouth!"
by Harry Lime September 04, 2005
The mascot of the Pirates AA affiliate, the Altoona (PA) Curve
Did you see Steamer at the Curve game? He was gettin' chicks like crazy.
by chipster79 April 11, 2005
a large soft creamy like poo left on the seat of a toilet in a NOCO express.
My friends and i were angry with a store worker at NOCO so we left a steamer on the toilet seat.
by anusol August 21, 2005

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