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4 definitions by Cort

The unattainable.
However hard he doesn't try, Guthrie will never win the love of Riley.
by Cort November 05, 2003
Exact; very accurate.
Bonzo, he so precise, he piss on a plate and never splash.
by Cort November 05, 2003
1. To stupidly do something you have already done.
2. To attack a square in which you have already missed, in a game ofBattleship.
Reuben H6ed the square over and over, until the stack of white miss markers were taller than the battleship board itself.
by Cort November 11, 2003
Black womens pussy. Black on the outside, pink in the middle.
Damn bitch i wanna be eaten out that steak.
by Cort June 05, 2004