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Designer brand.

Oakleys produce high quality products that are extremely expensive. American based company.
"That's a nice watch! What make is it?"
"Oh, this is an Oakleys"
by SwiftKiller December 02, 2006
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The best guy in the world, he is nice and fun and knows how to treat a girl, you need an Oakley!
Omg, he is such and Oakley!(:

I want a guy named Oakley!, scratch I NEED a guy named Oakley!(:
by TheOneNdOnly January 03, 2012
In the late 1990's Oakley became a city, it used to have lots of farm land and is now geting full of homes, schools, and gas stations. Oakley used to look so old... now its geting a update The people who live in oakley are nice, and helpfull.
Josh " dude where do you live"

Steph " Oakley dude, oakley"
by Oakley.Oakley July 22, 2008
One of the greatest Broadway actors of all time. Insanely talented, and highly fashionable.
I saw Oakley on 5th Ave and nearly peed my pants!
by shinyponyshoes October 28, 2009
Another name for a redneck.

Resulting from a sunglass companies popularity with police officers and n.a.s.c.a.r. dads with mullets.

Anyone wearing an orange lens sunglass
That guy is an Oakley
by Factory Pilot July 11, 2009
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