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Farting on someone's face.
Guy 1: OMG! That wrestler just took his shorts off, bent over, wiggled his ass, and farted on his opponent!!!
Guy 2: Yup, gave him steak face.
by ring-tailed roarer March 24, 2011
Someone who eats dirt and gets it on their face.
Specifically while being the goalie at a soccer match.
Uber-specifically someone named Ian.
"Ian, stop being a steakface and pay attention!"

"Ian, your steak!"

"Ian equals steak."
by Thizzman June 01, 2006
Annoying/Pretentious vegetarians who deserve a slap in the face with a steak.
'Sheila deserves a good slapping, what a a steakface.'
by steakface March 19, 2013
A grizzed wrinkly face that resembles a well marbled ribeye.
Mike Rowe's dermatologist has a dirty job maintaining that Steak Face.
by HankimusMaximus April 28, 2016
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