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A physical characteristic that afflicts a disproportionate number of women in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. Its primary quality is a flatness of the buttocks that is so extreme that the tops of the thighs appear to slide into the shoulder-blades without significant outward interruption.
He: Look, there's Bob's really cute girlfriend. She's from Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Friend: Yea, she's cute alright, but she's got Nova Scotia slide bum.
He: Yikes! Now that she's turned sideways, I see what you mean: she's got practically no ass at all!
#flat #pancake ass #small bum #no booty #buttless #boyish
by ring-tailed roarer September 10, 2009
A fart that you let go in the shower, just before you get out, and which makes you feel gross and dirty again, as if you hadn't had a shower at all.
He: A horrible thing happened to me this morning: just as I was getting out of the shower, I let a fart that swirled around the shower stall and made me feel filthy -- as if I hadn't had a shower and needed to shower again.
Friend: I know what you mean, you poor guy: you let a kanye west.
#fart #flatulence #contaminated #filthy #anal eructation
by ring-tailed roarer October 10, 2009
With ironic, or not, reference to the rhetorical skills and intellectual abilities of Barrack Obama, a person who boasts about their ideas and accomplishments. Depending on the context, the term is used ironically to contrast the "oboomer" with Obama, or to suggest that Obama is himself an "oboomer."
Bob never stops yapping about the great things he has done, and and is going to do. He thinks he is soooo smart.
Yeah, he's a real oboomer.
#boastful #conceited #arrogant #self-satisfied #showboat
by ring-tailed roarer January 17, 2009
The ability to speak harsh and painful truths to and about people because you are of the same race or ethnicity as they are.
She: I can't believe that Jose bad-mouthed Mexico like that to Fernandez. He crapped on everything from the Mexican government to Mexican food!

He: They're both Mexican, so he can get away with that -- he was doing an Obama to Ghana
#honesty #forthrightness #truth #plain dealing #frankness
by ring-tailed roarer July 12, 2009
The gap between the back of the collar of a man's shirt and his suit, which indicates that the suit is cheap and does not fit properly, and that its wearer is lower class (proletarian). Also "pleb gap."
Executive: The new guy in accounting doesn't seem as if he belongs in a firm like ours.
Fellow executive: Yes, you can tell that just by looking at his suit: he's got prole gap.
Executive: What???
Fellow executive: A gap between a guy's suit and shirt collar is a sign that the suit is not fitted properly and that the guy's a prole.
#lower class #cheap #plebby #proletarian #uncouth #lacking taste
by ring-tailed roarer June 09, 2009
Empty Toilet Roll Syndrome: syndrome manifested by inconsiderate males between the ages of 12 and 26, the principal symptom of which is an inability to replace empty toilet rolls even if there is a full roll sitting on the back of the toilet or nearby. The major cause is chronic laziness and a selfish lack of concern for other people. The only cure is homeopathic -- i.e., a retaliatory and strategic leaving of an empty toilet roll, ideally when there is no full one available in the bathroom. Other symptoms include leaving pubic hair on the soap in the shower, never picking up the bath mat, and similar antisocial behaviors.
She: I can't believe it, my brother never replaces the empty toilet roll in our bathroom, the lazy bastard.
Her friend: Nor does mine. Obviously, they are both victims of ETRS.
She: What?
Her friend: Empty Toilet Roll Syndrome.
#selfishness #inconsiderateness #boorishness #adolescence #immaturity
by ring-tailed roarer June 08, 2009
Courageous, bold, brave; the equivalent for females of ballsy.
He: It's amazing that she had the guts to say that to the teacher. She had to know it would get her in trouble because it's obvious that he completely disagrees with her opinion. Courageous!

She: Yea, it was super clittsy of her. But what do you expect? She's a clittsy girl.
#ballsy #gutsy #courageous #brave #amazing
by ring-tailed roarer June 06, 2009
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