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A bad motherfucker. The biggest trick daddy of them all. A dude always surrounded by the highest class trim. A hoss.
My friend Patrick is a real ol' ribeye; that dude knows how to party and score chicks with the best of the playas. That ribeye beat the shit out of a dude for just looking at this trim.
by Chuckwagon August 14, 2007
24 5
By far the best most delicious cut of steak to eat.
I ate a Ribeye steak with fries last night
by tatomuck1 October 25, 2008
15 2
Ripping out someones rib, and using it to stab them in the eye.
Man, John fucked up so bad, he deserves a ribeye.
by xlycer October 07, 2011
5 1
A female who is a real bad bitch. They tend to not give a fuck and take no shit from nobody.
Beth? Oh yeah man she's definitely a ribeye.
by Larrybear12 January 05, 2013
0 1