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A bad motherfucker. The biggest trick daddy of them all. A dude always surrounded by the highest class trim. A hoss.
My friend Patrick is a real ol' ribeye; that dude knows how to party and score chicks with the best of the playas. That ribeye beat the shit out of a dude for just looking at this trim.
by Chuckwagon August 14, 2007
Ripping out someones rib, and using it to stab them in the eye.
Man, John fucked up so bad, he deserves a ribeye.
by xlycer October 07, 2011
A female who is a real bad bitch. They tend to not give a fuck and take no shit from nobody.
Beth? Oh yeah man she's definitely a ribeye.
by Larrybear12 January 05, 2013
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