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The opposite of the status quo. Not up to par on society's opinion of how things should be. Uncool, or just downright lame.

Anything that can be criticized as being the opposite of trendy or in-style. Often used by critics to judge the latest films, fashion-styles, pieces of literature, products, etc.
Boy: "Hey, do you want to go see that new movie that just came out?"
Girl: "The cheesy one? I heard critics gave it a status no. Must be really lame."

Samantha: "Did you see what she was wearing at the party Saturday night?"
Hannah: "Yeah, she looked like a trashy wannabe! Her outfit was SUCH a status no."
by StatusGo December 11, 2011
To be tired or worn out due to over use of technology.
(The adjective form of zobble)
Boy: "Spiking a watermelon with dihydrogen monoxide? You must be zobbled!"
by StatusGo February 05, 2012

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