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Irish slang for a depressed, obsessive, psychotic, stalkerish, attention seeking girl.
"See her? She's the girl who was stalking Jamie and Stephen!"
"Oh my God, Chloe? Yeah, that girl is such a Stapes.
by You_Wish_We_Hadnt_Met September 05, 2009
Name for a cock-eyed person.
"Oh my god, Mr O'Dubhlaing is such a stapes."
"I know, I keep thinking he's looking at me, but he's actually looking at the other side of the room!"
"Scary shit, man."
by cockeyes September 01, 2009
Irish slang for a particularly hairy armpit.
Brian - "Jaysus, did you see the Stapes on that one?"
Eric - "She's more hair under there that I have on me head!"
by i like armpits September 01, 2009
Manchester Slang for chewed chewing gum.
"Uh, Mark, you've a big wad of stapes stuck to your shoe, mate!"
by iamstapes August 31, 2009
an alcoholic Irish drink that guarantees to have the drinker drunk within three sips.
Sip One:
"Hmm. Johnny, this Stapes is good."

Sip Two:
"Johnny, boy, where did you get this, this.. what is this?"

Sip three:
"Johnny! Johnny, I - I think I LOVE you!" ... falls off chair
by proudto beirishman September 01, 2009
Tradition farm word for a duck that is in heat.

"God, did you see that pair of Stapes? They've been going at it all day!"
"God, did you see that pair of Stapes? They've been going at it all day!"
by farmerduck September 01, 2009
An extinct fruit, shaped like a hexagon.
"Look at this Stapes fruit fossil I just found!"
by scientestsdf September 01, 2009
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