Shortcut for staples.
"Hey, Andrew, can you pass me that box of stapes, please?"
"Sure thing, Ken."
by iamablob August 31, 2009
Name for a bra designed for, and by, men. Usually green or dark blue, as many men with moobs object to the colours pink and lemon yellow.
"Hi, my name is Albert, and I'm looking for a stapes, size XL?"
"Of course, sir, we'll be with you right away."
"Thank you kindly."
by ihavemoobs September 01, 2009
Lord Voldemort's pet name for Kreacher the House Elf.
"Come here, Stapes. You are a good house elf, are you not?"
"Yes, master."
"Then bring me Harry Potter, or I will cut off your head and put it on a plaque, but only after eating your entrails."
"Yes master."
by BIGGESTHARRYFANEVER September 01, 2009
Name for a pillow stuffed with the down and feathers of ducks, chickens and geese. Most commonly available in Turkey and Ukraine.
"This is a very fine pillow. Where did you get it?"
"It is a Stapes pillow. Made of the finest duck, chicken and geese feathers and down."
by farmerbailey September 01, 2009
a word for a friend who tortured you during primary school with their abnormally weird games.
"You are a stapes because you make me play weird games."
by sorrytim September 01, 2009
Yorkshire slang - used to describe a particularly fine horse.
"What a beautiful stapes that is," Said John, the breeder of Connemara ponies.
"Absolutely stunning," Agreed his wife, Mary.
by biglog August 31, 2009
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