verb that describes the smell left on a female ankle as a result of poor hygene and an "indian style" sitting posture. This aroma has an essence of its own and is not to be confused with foul smelling feet or unsavory female odors.
When doing my laundry I notice my girlfriends socks smelt like stankle.
by The Genesys March 06, 2010
Top Definition
during urination, when you also squeeze out a fart which mixes with the aroma of the pee, creating a concoction of bathroom joy.
"I'd let the place air out guys, from the sound of it Joe just left a stankle in there."
by kurticus October 16, 2006
Combined words for very thin ankles (stick ankles). Opposite of cankles.
Dude, look at her. She looks like she will fall over with those stankles.

Hard to believe those stankles won't just break.
by Sr Robo September 26, 2009
a combination of "stubby" and "ankle". When a woman doesn't bother to shave her legs, she gets stankles.
Man, I forgot to shave- now I've got stankles! Josh hates those!
by paige dugan December 07, 2007
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