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The act of masturbating. This term is used especially when someone wants a quick orgasm because it is speculated within some cliques that it only takes seven minutes to reach your climax during masturbation.
"Yo, tell me how I was at that nigga, Shawn's, and I walked in on him taking seven to anime porn."
by Ookamibito February 16, 2008
When someone hasn't bathed after long periods of time, they are considered to be "stank-stank" because of their awful stench. This also refers to the smell of feet, bad food, or doo-doo.
Dude: "Nigga, have you been walkin in da marsh?"
Dude 2: "Naw, nigga. I just been runnin around. Why?"
Dude: "Cause, yo feet got some stank-stank, dawg!"
by Ookamibito March 03, 2008
The word's origins are unknown. It is actually a noise or onomatopoeia for a tangle in hair or nappy hair.
(Girl brushing her hair): Damn, I just pulled three bidibis out of my head!
by Ookamibito February 16, 2008
Ug-ug is a term used to describe someone, who is usually not only ugly, but dumb as well. This is because of the comical caveman sound effect "Ugh-ugh".
Tom: Hey, Sally! Did you see the new girl at school today?
Sally: Yeah, that bitch was super ug-ug!
by Ookamibito February 23, 2008
Gigantees is derived from the 1963 anime "Gigantor", referring to someone who is unusually tall. This term is mostly used for women who exceed 5'5" in height, especially if they are ugly or have large breasts. It may also be used for a very tall man, or a person with a large build. It is speculated that the term also comes from the Resident Evil 4 monster "el gigante" meaning "Giant" in Spanish. It is undecided whether this term is offensive or not.
Man 1: 'Ey, dawg! Did you hear about that nigga, Don Imus?
Man 2: Who the fuck is that?
Man 1: I dunno. Some radio nigga.
Man 2: So what about him.
Man 1: He called this WNBA team a bunch of nappy headed hoes.
Man 2: So what? I call everybody a hoe. Besides, they were probably a bunch of gigantees bitches anyway.
by Ookamibito February 16, 2008
Any unidentifiable object. Meaning "Thing-thing"
Girl: Wat dat dang-dang?
by Ookamibito March 03, 2008
Derived from the term "propylene". No one really knows what propylene really is, but everyone assumes that it is a hair product, such as grease. However, upon googling the term "propylene", it is said to be a dangerous chemical, but this is irrelevant to the subject in question. Pro-pro is a shortened version of this word, simply meaning hair grease or gel. Pro-pro is also the act of styling or washing hair in any manner. Pro-pro is synonymous to hair.
"Gurl, why you puttin' so much pro-pro on yo' head? Didn't you just get yo hurr did?"
by Ookamibito February 16, 2008

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