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the genius behind marvel comics, and some of the best characters ever. he has the job that we all want, and a pretty dudey moustache go go with it !
we love stan lee, i wish i had a moustache
by phil and eve the geniuses June 11, 2004
Mr. Spider-Man, Mr. Marvel, and most recently, Revolver Ocelot!
"He is a co-producer of Spider-Man. Also, on a cooler note, you can find him at videogame conventions like E3, sometimes with Hideo Kojima! ^.^ "
by Dave October 12, 2004
The most awesomest person ever. Is credited with all of Marvel Comics best work. Also, can kick Jack Kirby's ass.
Dude, I just had a total geekgasm!!! I just saw Stan Lee kicking Jack Kirby's ass!!!
by T3h sn34ky H0bbi7s3s December 21, 2008
Dude, Stan Lee is a fucking pimp, not at all like that fag Chris Grant.
by Chris Grant is a douchebag July 10, 2008