A stalk is something that won't stay faithful, always persitantly trying to leech social status from several organisations.
He pulled a Stalk (he went into the wrong bed, again)
by Fishbot July 06, 2003
Street slang for celery
"Man, this salad is rockin' my world! What be the secret shizzle in my salad-izzle?"

"It's stalk, beeyotch."
by B-Phat May 16, 2006
A hoeish female who chases and flocks toward groups of males; Ho
tommy: " look at that stalk over there with all of those men"

Billy: "isnt that your ex?"
by mandisha October 31, 2005
a ferral beast.
stalk is a ferral beast
by tuppy hole January 23, 2004

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