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An erect penis. The male tackle unit in all it's rampant, glory. A barred up love stick ready for the wetting.
She impaled herself on my stalk.
by Lord Frothington January 22, 2005
A hoeish female who chases and flocks toward groups of males; Ho
tommy: " look at that stalk over there with all of those men"

Billy: "isnt that your ex?"
by mandisha October 31, 2005
a ferral beast.
stalk is a ferral beast
by tuppy hole January 23, 2004
Street slang for celery
"Man, this salad is rockin' my world! What be the secret shizzle in my salad-izzle?"

"It's stalk, beeyotch."
by B-Phat May 16, 2006