An erection
Look at that mofo going full stag
by Grinning Lobster September 10, 2003
Paddy being doused with Baby Oil ad left with 4 Strippers
Shreck In Amsterdam
by John Holmes August 06, 2003
Australian for a hard on, erection or whatever you want to call it
Oh man that porn gave me the biggest stag
by Ur MOM February 15, 2005
Adjective; one who has both style and swagger; pertaining to mostly black people; rarely asians
Sternburg (Asian) has no Stag, Tony Allen has nasty Stag
by Stag Boy 2 May 14, 2010
a really hot, kind of dorky guy
OMG, look at that guy, what a STAG
by oxford27 July 16, 2010
A socially accepted, cool way to say "I am a big loser who couldn't get a date, but need something shorter than this to answer peoples' question of 'Who are you going with?'
"Who are you going with?"
"I'm going stag"
"Oh...what a loser."
"I know."
by David May 06, 2005
A male with an erection.
Tim was a total stag for the whole night.

That stag with the tight shorts is embarrassing himself.
by LeKobe Jordan September 30, 2014

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