A musclebound jerkoff whom likes to do nothing but workout and play karate.
Scott is a stacker and loves it in the BROWN HOLE
by Curtis McKeown February 27, 2004
Top Definition
A person who buys physical silver, gold, or other precious metals as opposed to stocks, futures, ETFs or other paper representations of the physical.
When the silver price dips below 26, the stackers are gonna load up like crazy.
by punzquill December 27, 2011
1- pharmaceutical uppers, stimulants, or steroids

2- Easy method of measuring and transporting street drugs in pill form.
1- I was dragging ass today at work, so I popped a couple of stackers and now I'm a hummingbird

2- I got some stackers of X mixed with coke... where'd I leave that fucking razor?
by rainman420 April 21, 2005
A female with not so high morals. Similar to skank and ho
We was cruisin on the south beach when we picked up this stacker, and damn did that girl know how to suck.
by Sam4daJabman August 19, 2003
A person who cheats in a card game by "stacking" the deck, or arranging the cards in an unfair fashion. Usually refers to someone who shows an incredible amount of luck in a card game.
Jake: Did you see that? That was the fifth Black Jack Danny got in a row!

Amy: That's because he's a no good stacker.
by Loraine L. August 19, 2011
That annoying arcade game you see at Wal-Mart. You must stack bricks on top of one another by hitting the button at the exact milisecond. You can win a crappy dollar store consolation prize, or go for the bigger prizes. Makes an annoying "woo-ooh" sound when you hit the button right.
Crap! I just spent $10 at stackers and all I got was a lousy hippo keychain.
by Phatt Phrankie October 05, 2007
n. A game that pizza joints, arcades, etc. have that usually has really cool prizes like a 360, ipod, psp, etc. but is really hard to win. Involves stacking set of blocks on top of each other as they move back and forth on the screen. As you stack each set it goes faster and eventually you can only stack 1 block on top of another. Some people think the top row is rigged.
Damn it! I was so close to winning that PS3! I just spent $10 trying to beat this stupid stacker game! :(

"No! I don't want to get a minor prize!" (Loses at the last row for major prize) "NO!!!!!!!!!! I spent $50 on this! T-T"
by a llama January 31, 2010
A stalker AND a hacker. Otherwise known as a creeper, tracker, shadow, creeper, or follower.
Omigosh! Chrissy hacked her boyfriend's facebook again! She's such a stacker!
by below Zero January 29, 2010
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