1. Someone who falls over a lot. To "Stack it"
2. The first person to succumb to too much alcohol and/or weed at the end of a night's piss-up.
1. Hahahaha look over there, that guy just stacked it! He's such a stacker.
2. Laura passed out by 11... She is such a stacker
by Tara Banana May 12, 2004
A person who carries a plethora of items (beyond the necessities) in his/her pockets or, in general, on his/her person. These items may include, but are not limited to, chapstick, aspirin, lotion, personal hygiene items, pens, paper, pocket knife, snacks, and breath mints.
Erin is such a stacker; that girl's prepared for anything.
by BMc June 12, 2006
The ending result of 3 or more friends taking a crap on top of the previous friends crap in a public restroom, which produces a substantial mound of friendly and pipe clogging crap. The crap heap is then left for whomever discovers it.
We hated that girl so much that we broke into her house and made a Stacker.
by Big Ry2 May 31, 2005
a person who is very obese or cannot stop eating ot talking about food.
Kranny, that stacker, wont stop eating all the food.
by kilo of kiki December 14, 2006
A musclebound jerkoff whom likes to do nothing but workout and play karate.
Scott is a stacker and loves it in the BROWN HOLE
by Curtis McKeown February 27, 2004
tom have a fat bonner
my man got a phat stacker,still
by stush January 14, 2004

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