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The tale of how many different nations, from all across the world, gained their independence from Great Britain.
This country used to be part of Britain, but it's independent now.
by birdboy2000 September 28, 2004
Someone(Usually in a doujinshi, but occasionally in normal fanfics or hentai), who appears to be female, but for some reason has male genatalia. Used by people who can't draw/write yuri
I looked so hard for an Angewomon/Hikari lemon, but when I finally found it Angewomon was a futanari :(
by birdboy2000 July 12, 2004
1. An anime series that has been constantly slandered by pokemon fans and attempts to ruin it were made by horrible dubbers, but is still truly one of the greatest(And darkest.) anime of all time, and has spawned quite a large fandom(And some truly great fanfics.) Anyone who says they saw the dark masters arc and didn't shed a single tear is either inhuman, lying, or having a serious problem with his or her tear ducts.(AKA Digimon Adventure)

2. Digimon Tamers

3. Digimon Frontier

4. An assortment of various monsters that are the native inhabitants of the digital world in any of the digimon series.
Digimon is one of the most underrated anime of all time.
by birdboy2000 February 08, 2004
To vomit. The term comes from the vomit-inducing television series.
My sister got a bad fever and ended up "American Idol"ing three times.
by birdboy2000 July 07, 2004
1) The african-american green lantern.
2) An annoying misspelling of Jon Stewart, host of the daily show.
John Stewart's portrayal in the Justice League cartoon was probably the best of any green lantern. DC characters can be deep, sometimes.
by birdboy2000 June 24, 2005
Derogatory term for the Japanese. Comes from "Area 11", what Japan was renamed in Code Geass.
Stupid elevens, Milhouse is not a meme.
by birdboy2000 March 17, 2007
Anime or Manga meant to break your heart, filled with love triangles, betrayals, and darkness. Filled with bishounen, and required by japanese law to have at least one shounen-ai relationship in the series.
Despite being male, I read a good deal of shoujo manga because of the interesting angst-filled plotlines.
by birdboy2000 July 08, 2004

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