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A word commonly used by small children or infants to describe a wound.
Mommy! I got an owie!
by wendy lane May 23, 2003
227 33
said when hurt
Owie, I cracked my skull!
by Aaron W. December 11, 2002
97 43
An expression used in response to something that caused pain
Owie Dean! My butt hurts.
by chinese monkey July 24, 2008
42 28
A word that describes pain
Owie Dean, my butt hurts
by chinese monkey July 24, 2008
16 20
A nickname for a girl named Olivia. Pronounced Oh-wee.
Chick: I was with Owie at the time.
Dude: Who? I thought her name was Olivia?
Chick: Owie's her nickname.
by ARE ANY NAMES NOT USED? April 25, 2009
12 47
What wooper says when it is decapitated by a kabutops.
OWIE! my fuggin head.
by Cortho3 March 22, 2003
9 66